The Engineering Sustainability Workshop 2013

This Year's Workshop

2013 Workshop: The Energy and Water Nexus

Webcast Schedule

Morning Session I (9:00-10:00 a.m.)

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Morning Session II (10:15-11:45 a.m.)

Keynote Session (11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

Break in webcast for lunch

Parallel Sessions in Kay West and Closing Session (1:00-2:30 p.m.)

Parallel Sessions in Kay East (1:00-2:30 p.m.)

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Workshop Closing (3:00-3:30 p.m.)

Poster Contest

2013 Guidelines for the Engineering Sustainability Poster Contest - download

Past Workshop Topics

2012 Workshop: Solar Energy

2011 Workshop: Energy

2010 Workshop: Water

2009 Workshop: Energy



Focus 2013: The Energy and Water Nexus Focus

April 22, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Kay Boardrooms and Rotunda
Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building, College Park, MD
Co-sponsored by the University of Maryland Energy Research Center, the University of Maryland Office of Sustainability, and the University of Maryland Council on the Environment
The agenda for the workshop is as follows:

Video: Morning Session I

Video: Morning Session II, Keynote


9:00-9:05 Welcome
9:05-9:30 "The Energy and Water Nexus: An Overview" by Eric Wachsman, Director, University of Maryland Energy Research Center and the William L. Crentz Centennial Chair in Energy Research
9:30-10:00 "Clean Energy from Fossil Fuels" by Robert Mroz, President and CEO, Hy-TEK Bio, LLC
10:00-10:15 Morning Break with Poster Contest and Exhibitors – Kim Building Rotunda
10:15-10:45 "Solar Hot Water at UMD Dining Services" by Greg Thompson, Facilities-Dining Services, University of Maryland, College Park
10:45-11:15 "Engineering a Sustainable Water Disinfection System in Rural Peru" by Kevin Hogan, Engineers Without Borders
11:15-11:45 "WaterShed: How the Water and Energy Nexus Won the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011" by David Daily, Scott Tjaden, and Nick Weadock, Student Team Members, University of Maryland Solar Decathlon Team
11:45-12:30 Keynote: "Opportunities in Energy-Water" by Amul Tevar, ARPA-E Fellow
12:30-1:00 Light Lunch in the Rotunda
Poster Contest Entries
Exhibitors - Student Groups, Campus Programs and External Organizations


Video: Afternoon Session - Parallel Speakers in Kay East

Kay Boardroom East


1:00-1:15 "Miniaturizing the Air Conditioner In Your Back Yard" by Yunho Hwang, Associate Director, CEEE
1:15-1:30 "MaxTech and Beyond: National Competition" by Yunho Hwang, Associate Director, CEEE
1:30-1:45 "Methane Production from Source Separated Human Wastewater in Haiti" by Stephanie Lansing, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Technology
1:45-2:00 "Alternative Sources of Inoculum to Increase Energy Production in Anaerobic Digesters" by Freddy Witarsa, Graduate Student, Environmental Science and Technology
2:00-2:15 "Forage Radish Cover Crops Increases Renewable Energy Production of Dairy Digesters" by Ashley Belle, Graduate Student, Environmental Science and Technology
2:15-2:30 "Realizing the potential of the Energy+Water+Ecology Nexus for Sustainability" by Dave Tilley, Associate Professor and Lab Director, Environmental Science and Technology
2:30-2:45 Afternoon Break with Poster Contest and Exhibitors – Kim Building Rotunda

Video: Afternoon Session - Kay West and Closing Session


Kay Boardroom West


1:00-1:15 "Global Freshwater as Viewed from Space" by Barton Forman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
1:15-1:30 "Energy Biotechnology: Harnessing Organisms to Synthesize Fuels and Chemicals" by Ganesh Sriram, Asst. Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
1:30-1:45 Membrane Technology as a Sustainable Solution for the Water-Energy-Environment Nexus” by Baoxia Mi, Asst. Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
1:45-2:00 "Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy for Renewable Fuel Production" by Will Gibbons, Graduate Student, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
2:00-2:15 "Prospects for Algae-Based Biofuels in Maryland" by Pat Kangas, Assoc. Professor, Environmental Science and Technology, and Director, Algal Ecotechnology Center
2:15-2:30 "Designing a Sustainable World: A New I-Course" by Leigh Abts, Res. Assoc. Professor, Fischell Dept. of Bioengineering
2:30-2:45 Afternoon Break with Poster Contest and Exhibitors – Kim Building Rotunda

Afternoon Session II: Unified Kay Boardrooms


2:45-3:15 Wrap-up:
- Announcement of the winners of the student poster competition and presents the winning posters.
- Solicitation of energy research, education, entrepreneurship, service project ideas from the audience.
- Conclusion of the workshop.