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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for CO2 Capture and Enhanced Oil Recovery


This multi-faceted project will investigate the feasibility of implementing advanced solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for producing power from oil well off-gases while providing a source of concentrated CO2 for sequestration and enhanced oil recovery. This project will explore fundamental issues in identifying preferred material combinations for durable SOFC anode operation with typical oil well off-gas composition. Along with these fundamental issues, multi-scale modeling will include detailed models for assessing SOFC membrane electrode assembly architectures for optimal operation with hydrocarbons, and higher-level system models for evaluating integrated systems with all accessory equipment within the context of oil well operation. System models will assess the economic viability of such a system and thereby determine technology performance requirements for successful implementation of SOFC-based systems for enhanced oil recovery with CO2 injection.

figure 1



Polarization and power density curves at 800 °C for co-varying anode support porosity (Phi), anode support tortuosity, and thickness of electrochemically active region near the electrolyte (du). Symbols represent experimental data from Zhao & Virkar, while solid lines represent simulation results. Filled symbols are for polarization curves, while empty symbols are for power density curve