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Strain-tunable heterostructures for high-efficiency solar cells

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image for heterostructures for solar cellsThis research project focuses on probing fundamental physical phenomena related to the optoelectronic and structural properties of III-V semiconductor materials for photovoltaic devices. By controlling the strain between 3D confined structures and the adjacent layers of the active heterostructure forming a device we can tune the optical and electrical properties (bandgap offset and carrier mobility) of epitaxial heterostructures. This innovative approach offers a new platform to realize multijunction solar cells with optimized bandgap energy combination, allowing for very efficient energy conversion without voltage loss. Our group is currently exploring different aspects of these strained nanoarchitectures to address the following key challenges: (a) design and fabricate a bandgap-optimized heterostructure formed by compressively-strained SAQDs; (b) measure and modulate the optical (absorption/emission) and electronic (photocurrent) properties of the strain-tunable active layers; (c) realize high-efficiency solar cell devices.