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Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Plug-In Electric Vehicles

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Owing to the lack of accurate information about the cumulative impact of automotive electrification and wind energy penetration, Dr. Khaligh’s research group is developing mathematical models of decision making under uncertainty. The objective is to develop high fidelity mathematical models of power market operations under various uncertainties to investigate the economic and environmental impact of PEV and wind energy penetration.  In the initial stage, deterministic model of the day-ahead security constrained unit commitment (SCUC) are developed. The developed models would lay the groundwork for analyzing the impact of sustainable electric power and automotive infrastructures on generating and transmission equipment maintenance requirements. Furthermore, this research would explore the long-term impact on asset utilization and expansion. The proposed research is of broad national interest in the areas of smart grid, infrastructural, regulatory and consumer centric issues pertaining to the modernization of the power grid and automotive electrification.