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Low Loss Polymer Nanoparticle Composites for Radio Frequency Devices

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Materials with improved magneto-dielectric properties are promising for advanced applications in microwave communication devices and their miniaturization. Polymer-based composites are preferred because of their light weight, shape-flexibility, and better processability. This research aims to investigate core/shell nanoparticles well-dispersed in polymer matrices with improved dielectric and magnetic properties at radio frequencies. We aim to develop magnetodielectric nanoparticles to suppress the eddy current effect and further to tune the dielectric and magnetic properties of bulk polymer nanocomposites. We use simple synthesis and processing methods to obtain high permeability, low loss polymer composites with core/shell nanoparticles, and we fabricate functional nanostructures exhibiting improved magnetic and radio frequency properties.

figure 1



TEM images of magnetic nanoparticles synthesized at various
concentration ratios (R+/−) of Fe3+ to citric acid and
oleic acid:(a) R+/− = 1.7; (b) R+/− = 0.86; (c) R+/− = 0.75; (d) R+/− = 0.5.