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Integration of AC/DC Charger and DC/DC Converter for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

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Dr. Khaligh’s research on integrated power electronic interfaces for plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) has led to a novel level-2 (15kW) integrated converter and a unique digital control technique, which is the subject of the U.S. patent 8,089,254. This converter uses minimum number of circuit components offering a unique cost-effective solution. With the buck/boost charging capability, it enables operating with a wide single phase charging voltage range including 120/220/240 VAC. In addition, capabilities such as boosting the battery voltage in driving operation and bucking the voltage in capturing regenerative braking energy are achieved. Proposed topology eliminates the need for an additional inductor, reduces the number of transducers and switches by integrating the charger topology to the built-in electrical powertrain. The results of the analysis verify that a power factor above 0.995 and a THD of 4.55% can be achieved in all operating modes such as charging, motoring, and regenerative braking.