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Software for the Design and Optimization of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

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The software group in CEEE develops software for the design, analysis and optimization of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. All packages are based on the latest software technology, are highly modular and component-based and can be executed as stand-alone programs or integrated into other software. Packages include:

  • CoilDesigner allows the design and analysis of most air to refrigerant heat exchangers, including tube-fin designs, various versions of micro channels and wire-tube designs.
  • VapCyc is used for the design of vapor compression air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with multiple components of varying degrees of complexity and includes also the capability of evaluating secondary loop systems. CoilDesigner heat exchangers can be integrated as needed.
  • TransRef is used for the transient analysis of vapor compression systems for a wide range of applications includingdomestic refrigerators, automotive systems and air conditioning. A unique capability of all of CEEE's software is the inclusion of gradient based and heuristic optimization capabilities that is used for the maximization of performance or minimization of the amount of material used, volume and/or cost.

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