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CDM and low-carbon energy investment in Brazil and India

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This research investigates the reasons that firms chose to undertake (or not) CDM projects that would generate carbon income. Current research focuses on the sugar and cement industries in each country. Research method involves field data collection and interviews of firm managers and carbon market partipants. Future research possibilities include expanding sectoral scope (e.g. steel, fertilizer) or country coverage (e.g. South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, China). This work is funded by NSF (Decision, Risk, & Management Sci / Sociology / Geog & Regional Sci / Innovation & Org. Sci). 
Collaborative research with Prof. Simone Pulver, Univ of California, Santa Barbara
Research team: Ryna Cui (University of Maryland, PhD), Leticia Guimaraes (Univ Maryland, alum, MPP '10), Viviane Romeiro (Univ Sao Paulo, PhD), Tabitha Benney (UCSB, PhD), Ranjit Deshmukh (Prayas Energy Group, India)
Brazil partner: Prof Sergio Pacca, Univ of Sao Paulo
Brazil partner organizations: Institute for Advanced Studies & Electrotechinal Institute, Univ of Sao Paulo
India partner organization: Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi