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Ordered Architectures for Batteries and Fuel Cells

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We are creating novel nanostructured materials with enhanced transport properties by ordering their nanoarchitectures via templating synthesis or hydrothermal crystallization. In this project, structured carbon materials with well controlled pore architectures synthesized by replicating the structures of meso-/microporous materials is aiming to enable high dispersion of secondary active sites to enhance catalyst efficiency. In addition, nanostructured membranes with ordered orientation can be synthesized by crystallization directly onto a substrate to generate fuel cell membranes with desired ion-transport pathways. We are also exploring these novel crystallization approaches for the synthesis of ceramic materials that can be applied to lithium batteries, gas sensors, and chemical separations.  

Hydroxyapatite with aligned c-axis normal to the substrate
Hydroxyapatite with aligned c-axis normal to the substrate