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Scaffold Si Based Anodes for Li-ion Batteries

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figure 1To mass produce Si anodes at a low cost, a unique air spray method of fabricating Si anodes with a porous carbon scaffold structure has been developed by our group. Such carbon scaffold Si anodes are fabricated via carbonization of porous Si-PVdF precursors which are directly deposited on the Cu or carbon-nanofiber current collector. Unlike the conventional slurry casting method, binder and conductive additives are not used in the preparation of the carbon scaffold Si anodes. The carbon scaffold Si anode has a close-knit porous carbon structure that can not only accommodate the Si volume change, but can also facilitate the charge transfer reaction. The carbon scaffold micron-Si anode can retain 1280 mAhg-1 capacity after 118 full cycles between 0 and 1.5 V under a 0.05C cycling rate. These results were published in Chemistry Communications, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry Communications, and Electrochimica Acta.