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Materials Research for Template-Directed Nanostructure Assembly

Principal Investigator(s): 


We will pursue

  1. understanding of fundamental materials issues in AAO-ALD and AAO-ECD nanotube assembly fabrication, using HfO2, TiN, MnO2, and Bi2Te3 exploring material-process relationships, interfacial effects on ALD nucleation, ECD growth mechanism, differential thermal behavior of crystalline formation.
  2. We will develop characterization approaches for post-process and for real-time sensing (mass spec).
  3. We will fabricate and test an electrochemical device based on MnO2/PEDOT (and RuO2/PEDOT) core-shell nanostructure assembly using ECD and/or ALD and characterize its performance in terms of high-power-high-energy storage, thus piloting some of the most exciting application drivers for template-directed nanostructure assembly.

TMM images