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Results:  Latest Research Articles

Wang Group Develops Highly Reversible 5.3 V Battery
Research paper published in Chem.  March 6, 2019  More »

Super Wood Could Replace Steel
A new process could make wood as strong as titanium alloy but lighter and cheaper  February 7, 2018  More »

UMD engineers invent the first bio-compatible, ion current battery
One-of-a-kind device stores electrons  July 17, 2017  More »

MSE Research Reveals Unique Ionic Diffusion Mechanism in Super-Ionic Conductors  
Mo, He and Zhu devise an ‘ion transport highway’ for solid-state batteries.  June 22, 2017  More »

3D-Printed Evaporator is Sustainable Approach to Water Shortage
The evaporator uses solar energy to efficiently purify water.  June 22, 2017  More »

MSE Researchers Discover New Materials, New Research Direction for High-energy Li-metal Batteries
Yifei Mo and team push development of high-energy rechargeable lithium batteries.  April 20, 2017  More »

Sunbeams at the Nano-scale: the Next Generation of Solar Cells
Marina Leite and her team of researchers tackle hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites based on methylammonium lead.  March 25, 2017  More »

Safer Batteries Made With Wood
Nature's 'bio-structure' helps UMD/MSE engineers solve Li metal battery failure problems.  March 21, 2017  More »

UMERC Awards Three New Wells Graduate Fellowships
The Wells fellowship supports new research in sustainable energy generation and/or storage.  March 16, 2017  More »

UMERC exhibits large presence at 2017 DOE ARPA-E Energy Summit
UMERC  confirms its role as a leader in energy research, development, and innovation.  March 16, 2017  More »