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Food Safety, Energy Storage & Video Authentication Inventions Honored at Awards Ceremony
Three Clark School innovations win UMD Invention of the Year Awards  April 30, 2015  More »

For Batteries, One Material Does It All
Revolutionary material could create safer, simpler and more efficient all-in-one batteries  April 29, 2015  More »

NIST Highlights Leite’s “Battery Perimortems"
New imaging technique explains why aluminum anodes fail.  March 10, 2015  More »

Understanding Battery Failure in Realtime, at the Nanoscale
Microscopy technique reveals why and how aluminum anodes fail in Li-ion batteries.  February 23, 2015  More »

Faster Charging Technique Boosts Battery's Capacity
Unique in situ measurement of optical and electrical transport led to discovery.  December 1, 2014  More »

A Billion Holes Can Make a Battery
Battery inside a nanopore has commercial potential  November 6, 2014  More »

Tropical Tree Fibers Can Hold Battery Power, Say UMD Engineers
Energy-producing bacteria can nest in hollow conductive fibers  October 8, 2014  More »

Atomic Layer Depostion and Graphene Inspire Creative Catalyst Design
Hulka Energy Research Fellowship supports MSE student's design of new photoelectrochemical composites.  September 12, 2014  More »

New UMD Synthesis Method May Shape Future of Nanostructures, Clean Energy
Findings advance efficient solar splitting of water into hydrogen fuel  September 2, 2014  More »

Munday, Hu and Collaborators’ Research on Inside Cover of Advanced Energy Materials
Interdisciplinary collaboration leads to use of cellulose fiber paper as antireflection coating for solar cells.  June 26, 2014  More »