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Prestigious Humboldt Research Award Won by Dr. Gabriel

Prestigious Humboldt Research Award Won by Dr. Gabriel

Dr. Steven A. Gabriel (Civil & Environmental Engineering/Applied Math, Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program) received a Humboldt Research Award to study energy market modeling in Berlin, Germany.  He will concentrate on developing equilibrium modeling/algorithms with discrete restrictions, an example of which occurs in electric power markets everyday when considering the “unit commitment” problem for power generation (go/no-go decisions) combined with market-clearing conditions.  Dr. Gabriel will be collaborating with colleagues at DIW (German Economic Research Institute) in Berlin where he has been a research professor for the past few years.  The award includes generous stipends for prolonged stays in Germany and he anticipates going there summer 2015 and likely again for three more months in 2015/2016.

December 2, 2014

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