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Results:  Latest Research Articles

Tiny Origami Boxes Hold Big Promise for Hydrogen Energy Storage
Graphene folds itself into programmable "nanocage" for hydrogen storage, beating DOE 2020 goa  March 11, 2014  More »

Transparent Nanopaper Could Make Paper Electronics a “Thriving Technology”
Zhu presents work on new material at MRS and in Energy & Environmental Science.  January 27, 2014  More »

Five Clark School Faculty Earn NSF CAREER Awards
Mi, Stoliarov, Liu, Rotkowitz, and Jewell awarded 5-year research grants from the National Science Foundation.  December 16, 2013  More »

Added Molecules Allow Metal-Organic Frameworks to Conduct Electricity
UMD-headed project funds breakthroughs in electricity-conducting material  December 12, 2013  More »

Khaligh awarded MIPS grant for wind energy power conditioning system
Professor will partner with Bethesda-based Altenera Technology.  November 26, 2013  More »

UMD Joins Partnership to End Water Insecurity
UMD is one of only six university members that will collaborate on solutions that demonstrate U.S. leadership on international water issues.   November 20, 2013  More »

Alumnus Krill to Be Honored for Revolutionary Naval Fleet Network Technology
Electrical engineering graduate Jerry Krill’s Cooperative Engagement Capability allowed Navy battle groups to act as one.  October 22, 2013  More »

Exploring Offshore Wind Energy for Maryland
Md. Higher Education Commission funds Clark School study of reliability, cost-effectiveness of wind-generated energy.  September 10, 2013  More »

Khaligh is PI for hybrid energy storage system NSF GOALI grant
New lightweight system will offer increased battery life for electric cars.  September 3, 2013  More »

UMD Researchers Awarded Two ARPA-E Grants for Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Systems
Eric Wachsman and Chunsheng Wang receive funding to create innovative batteries for electric vehicle energy storage systems.  August 23, 2013  More »


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