Qu, Gang

Gang Qu

Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering


Statement of energy interests and expertise: 

Our group's energy related research efforts are focused on the power and energy efficient design and implementation of computing devices at all design levels. The computing devices range from large data center and high performance computers to handheld devices and wireless sensors. We are interested in how to reduce such system's power and energy consumption and have developed various methodologies.

We are among the first groups to investigate dynamic voltage and frequency scaling for low power and energy efficient system designs. We have made significant contribution to its theoretical foundation and applied it to many real-time embedded systems.

For wireless sensor networks, we have developed practical system and network architecture to leverage the specific goal of the network for energy efficiency. Our recent efforts are on how to combine error correction coding and transmission power control to achieve the most energy efficient data communication.

Operating environment, temperature in particular, has a large impact on system's performance and energy consumption. We have developed real-time algorithms to take such factors into consideration. Results from this research will be important for systems that will operate in environment that has moderate or large changes in temperature, humidity, etc.

Finally, a significant amount of our research is on the integrated circuit design and FPGA prototyping. Customized design can always achieve better energy efficiency. For many systems (such as data center and monitoring systems) that need to be on 24/7, we have explored many options to save dynamic power (which is consumed when the system is on) and leakage (which is consumed even when the system is idle).