Modarres, Mohammad

Mohammad Modarres


Mechanical Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering


Statement of energy interests and expertise: 

Dr. Modarres’ interests in energy technologies are in the next generation nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel cycle safety and risk assessment and management. These include the fundamental research to advance probabilistic risk and safety assessment techniques and applications to complex energy technologies. Dr. Modarres’ specific research interests include addressing possible safety issues of the current nuclear-based hydrogen generating facility designs in the context of the current combined risk-informed and traditional defense-in-depth regulatory paradigm.

He particularly focuses on the safety issues related to the interface of the nuclear reactor and H- generation facility. He uses leading methods of dynamic probabilistic safety analysis to formally develop, simulate and estimate the frequency of such fire and ignition events. His research also focuses on understanding of safety and regulatory implications of the advanced nuclear reactors and proposed H-generation technologies. His research applies probabilistic risk assessment techniques to identify risk-significant elements of advanced reactor systems for the purpose of providing guidance for future design directions and to further improve safety.

Other areas related of Prof. Modarres’ research include technology-neutral nuclear power plant regulation and implications of a safety goals-driven performance-based regulation; hazard assessment of fire in advanced nuclear power plants. Fatigue and corrosion based degradation assessment of reactor vessels and piping of advanced nuclear power plants using probabilistic modeling with characterization of uncertainties; Best estimate thermal-hydraulic analyses of reactor transients using probabilistic methods to account for variability and uncertainties; and Risk and performance-based maintenance techniques for monitoring and assessing nuclear plant system health.