Leite, Marina

Marina Leite image

Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, IREAP

A. James Clark School of Engineering


Statement of energy interests and expertise: 
Our research group focuses on understanding, controlling, and applying physical phenomena to boost the performance of renewable energy advanced devices. We are primarily interested in energy harvesting and energy-storage devices, in particular solar cells and all-solid-state batteries. 
Related to photovoltaics, our group is developing an alternative paradigm for high-efficiency solar cells based on the nanoscale strain and bandgap engineering of III-V semiconductor heterostructures, including self-assembled quantum dots and thin-films. Our goal is to design and fabricate solar cells with optimized bandgap combination, and therefore ultra-high efficiency. For effective and lightweight energy storage, our group is focused on resolving/imaging the electrochemical activity of all-solid-state nano- architectured batteries. Besides developing new designs for high performance devices, we also use scanning probe microscopy techniques to probe light-matter interactions in PV materials, and to map electrical/structural properties of solid-state electrodes.