Hu, Liangbing

Liangbing Hu

Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering


Statement of energy interests and expertise: 

Dr. Hu leads a team working on various types of energy device, which include Li-ion and Na-ion batteries, supercapacitors, next-generation solar cells and photo-electrochemical water splitting. Devices enabled by nanomaterials and nanostructures will be a major emphasis in his research. Fundamental chemistry, physics, electrochemistry and material science will be heavily investigated in these new devices. Dr. Hu is also interested in printed electronics for circuits, display and biological applications.

Dr. Hu did his PhD in nanoelectronics at UCLA, had three-year industry experience in large-scale nano-ink based roll-to-roll printed electronics at Unidym Inc and did his postdoc research in Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors at Stanford. His research at UMD UMERC will focus on not only solving the energy problems with scalable manufacturing techniques and earthly abundant materials, but also attacking their fundamentals with the understanding in nanoscale.