Transforming Energy Lectures

To facilitate a broad discussion on the engineering challenges of developing breakthrough energy technology for a sustainable future, the Energy Research Center is bringing back the Transforming Energy Lecture Series.  In partnership with the Clark School of Engineering, UMERC will host leading thinkers and technologists from academia, industry, and government will provide viewpoints on the challenges and discuss exciting new scientific and engineering breakthroughs that may impact the future development of a sustainable energy infrastructure for our nation. The lectures, held once per month on Friday afternoon in Glenn L. Martin Hall on the University of Maryland campus, are open to all interested parties in the D.C. area.

The nation's security and economic health are dependent upon access to stable, secure sources of affordable energy. Increasing global demand for energy and the either recent or looming peak in global production of readily accessible fossil fuels (other than coal) present the greatest of engineering challenges — to develop a future sustainable energy infrastructure. For our nation, the development of breakthrough energy technologies provides the best hope for achieving both a sustainable energy infrastructure and increased independence from foreign fuel sources. Investments in energy science and engineering will be critical for establishing sustainable domestic fuel supplies and improved efficiency for environmentally-friendly energy conversion devices while sustaining our economic health. Such "solutions" to the energy crisis will almost certainly require implementation of multiple emerging technologies (e.g. biomass, solar technology, advanced nuclear reactors, fuel cells, etc.) that will impact specific energy sectors in different ways.


Upcoming Speakers

February 6, 2015
Dr. Paul Sotkeiwicz
Chief Economist - Market Services Division, PJM Interconnection

Past Speakers

November, 2013
Dr. Steven J. Visco
Chief Executive Office and CTO, Polyplus Battery Company
"Roadmap to Next Generation Batteries (Lithium-Air, Lithium-Sulfur, and Lithium-Water) based on PolyPlus Protected Lithium Electrodes"
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October, 2013
Rhonda Pope
U.S. Black Oil Optimizer, ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company
"About Natural Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing"
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