The University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC) is a multidisciplinary university initiative dedicated to advancing the frontiers of energy science and technology, with a focus on energy storage, efficiency, and clean energy generation.

The Center focuses on a broad array of research areas critical for future energy technology development.

The Need

Our quality of life, standard of living and national security depend on energy. A strong, balanced energy research program, based on the most efficient use of our natural resources while minimizing our dependence on imported energy, is critical to Maryland and the U.S.

Addressing the Need

The University of Maryland Energy Research Center brings together the research capabilities necessary to create a sustainable energy future, with faculty expertise in both energy technology and policy.

Engineering Lab Building, UMERC facilityOur Mission

  • Develop energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies and practices
  • Educate the public about energy and environmental technologies
  • Inform the larger policy debate on urgent, global issues of sustainable energy and environment
  • Improve U.S. energy security by developing indigenous and environmentally sustainable energy resources while promoting energy policies that have a positive impact on the environment


  • Make Maryland a leader in sustainable energy
  • Promote integrated interdisciplinary energy research and education programs
  • Expedite transition of research results into marketable products

The Maryland Energy Research Center is administered by the A. James Clark School of Engineering. It includes faculty from all Clark School departments, as well as from the